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    MasterFlow 648 - An epoxy high strength foundation grout

    Critical equipment around the world rests on the performance of MasterFlow 648 epoxy grout

    Ensuring proper alignment and transmission of static and dynamic loads, vibration and rotational torque, MasterFlow 648 protects critical equipment, improving reliability, operating efficiency and life cycle of machinery.

    Master Builders Solutions​ has carefully balanced the important physical properties and application behavior of MasterFlow 648 to ensure uncompromised, durable support. And while the grout supports the equipment, the knowledgeable Master Builders Solutions​ Technical Teams on all continents support the engineers, equipment manufacturers, contractors and owners who specify and install MasterFlow 648 to ensure quality, hassle-free project execution.

    Balanced Performance


    The most commonly specified attribute for epoxy grout is Compressive Strength. MasterFlow 648 delivers high early and ultimate strengths, and outperforms other epoxy grouts in equally-important criteria such as Effective Bearing Area, Shrinkage and Creep; as well enduring elevated service temperatures and chemical exposure, while providing excellent flow and working time to facilitate proper placement.

    Installation Advantages

    Installation MasterFlow 648 master builders solutions basf   

    MasterFlow 648 is formulated to provide application and safety benefits to contractors and site owners to meet challenging installation scenarios.

    Low Dusting Aggregate improves safety and jobsite cleanliness is greatly improved. The ability to perform cleanup with just soap and water, reducing the need for additional chemicals on site, further enhances worker and jobsite safety. MasterFlow 648 is formulated to be poured or pumped, and a high flow mix option offers placement flexibility

    Easy Access & Support

    MasterFlow 648 BASF Master Builders Solutions  

    With MasterFlow 648 there is more material in contact with and supporting the precision equipment, and there are more dedicated people in all corners of the world ready to help on projects than with any other competitor in the market today.

    MasterFlow 648 grout is available globally, so engineers, equipment manufacturers, contractors and owners can specify and install MasterFlow 648 grout with confidence. Master Builders Solutions​​ Construction Chemicals teams around the world work closely with design professionals, equipment manufacturers and plant owners to provide detailed technical assistance and independent testing results, and support contractors with guidance on the correct mixing, application, finishing and testing procedures.


    A Guide to Epoxy Grouting

    pdf (1.66 Mb)

    JRef - MasterFlow 648.pdf

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    MasterFlow 648_TDS

    pdf (341.06 Kb)


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