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    Adcock Ingram Critical Care, Aeroton 


    Gauteng, South Africa 


    Adcock Ingram 

    Products/System used:

    MasterTop® 1200, MasterTop® 1210, MasterBrace ADH 2200

    Surface preparation and coating of floors in the Adcock Ingram packaging storage area. 

    The Background

    This project comprises the surface preparation and coating of floors in the Adcock Ingram packaging storage area. The floors of the area, which measured approximately 250 m2, thus needed to be durable, safe and hygienic. In addition, the job needed to be completed over a week end as it was due to be inspected for hygienic approval in preparation before bringing back into service. BASF proposed the use of MasterTop 1210 Light Grey, applied 2mm thick. 

    The Challenge

    Require a seamless floor protection with a smooth finish, good wear and abrasion resistance, hygienic, high gloss appearance, impermeable protection against liquid spills, good general chemical resistance, limited maintenance and cost effective.

    Africa resistant floors 

    Our Solution

    Errit grinders were used to remove the surface cement laitance, smooth out the surface and expose the tips of the underlying aggregate. The surface was vacuumed clean and a primer coat of MasterTop 1200 twin pack was applied. The primer was allowed to cure overnight and the following morning was check for pin holes. Were they were evident, they were filled with MasterBrace ADH2200 and smoothed off. A scraper coat of MasterTop 1210 Light Grey was then applied over the entire floor to even out irregularities and ensure a complete sealing of the floor. This was allowed to cure overnight. The following morning the entire area was given a light grind to remove imperfections, vacuumed cleaned and solvent wiped with Acetone to remove any surface contaminants. The solvent was allowed to flash off and the final coat of MasterTop 1210 Light Grey was applied to give a DFT of 1mm. 

    Durable flooring 

    The Client was satisfied with the performance of the Master Builders Solutions products, the implementation, and follow up and especially with the smooth, high gloss finish. Based on the success of this installation BASF, together with the BASF approved MasterTop 1210 Applicator, Southey Contracting, has been asked to provide further flooring solutions in other high care areas. 

    Advantages at a glance:

    • Fast, expert installation
    • No bacterial growth and monolithic - minimises joints
    • Hygienic, safe and easy to clean
    • High mechanical strength and abrasion resistant
    • Good chemical resistance and non-tainting
    • BASF provided the technical and after sales support
    • BASF provided the total solution for the client