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    ​​​​Art you can walk on

    Architecture and interior design are a collaboration of art and science. Today, modern living spaces are created not only to be structurally safe and sound, but practical and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

    In Master Builders Solutions, the MasterTop 1300 series of decorative flooring systems have been developed to meet designers' inspiration. The latest innovation in this series—MasterTop 1327—is a seamless polyurethane flooring system that offers advantages in terms of room acoustics and design. It is ideal for any environment where a pleasing appearance, high walking comfort and minimum noise levels are equally important, such as hospitals, educational facilities, offices, hotels and museums.

    Decorative flooring solution for the living environment

    MasterTop 1327 flooring system has a distinctive elastic layer that has sound insulation properties for reducing noise as well as improving room acoustics and walking comfort. It is the only fluid-applied flooring system worldwide that allows a reduction of up to 20 dB in vertical sound transmission, e.g., impact noise. Available in a wide range of colors, MasterTop 1327 is easy to apply as a liquid, even in rooms with complex shapes, which allows creative freedom and original floor designs. Compared to conventional systems, installation time is reduced, construction progress is accelerated and joints are eliminated, thus saving time and money. It is suitable for new buildings and refurbishment work in existing buildings.

    MasterTop 1327 generates lower life cycle costs than conventional floors and complies with the low emission limits of the AgBB standard (Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products), hence contributing to a good indoor air quality. Recently, it has achieved A+ ratings in the BRE Global's certification that provides a Green Guide for designers and specifiers on ideal environmental choices when selecting construction materials and components.

    The design of a built environment implicates the quality of life. MasterTop 1327 decorative flooring presents a holistic approach by combining functionality with art, enhancing human well-being without compromising on material performance. For more information, please visit https://Durable flooring system | MasterTop 1327-20dB (