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    ​Creative roof design augmented by seamless waterproofing

    Architects face many challenges when it comes to roof designs. Climatic factors and the effects of humidity, atmospheric chemicals and salts make building surfaces vulnerable to deterioration. Protection against these elements is key to retain the structures' integrity by utilising a well-engineered waterproofing system to prevent water ingress, optimise structural performance and protect the assets inside the building.

    MasterSeal Roof system is a well-engineered waterproofing system for roofs that can be easily installed without compromising the architectural design. With minimum downtime, this waterproofing system is based on a distinctive polyurethane technology with fast setting properties that allow spray or hand applications, making it suitable for basements, roofs and podiums. It has the flexibility to cope with thermal and dynamic stress as well as a toughness for high wear applications.

    Simple solutions for complex roofs

    Be it a newly built or refurbished structure, MasterSeal Roof systems are highly versatile—they are suitable for installations for all major roof types and designs (covered or exposed) using advanced polyurethane technology to create impervious, monolithic membranes.

    The MasterSeal Roof spray waterproofing systems are suited to a wide range of surfaces, from dense concrete decks to plywood and lightweight metal panels. MasterSeal waterproofing membrane is a fully bonded system that is able to resist the effects of wind suction, elevated temperature, thermal shock and minor structural movement. It can also be applied to vertical surfaces, enabling easy application to complicated details such as penetrations, ventilators, skylights and chimneys. Unlike sheet systems, the seamless waterproofing systems avoid weak spots caused by laps, welds or seams, thereby providing greater durability and protection.

    Urban roof designs — green and blue

    The ability of MasterSeal Roof spray systems to withstand loads imposed by landscaping and its resistance to stagnant water offer an effective solution for green roofs. The sprayed membrane is fast-curing, which allows a quicker installation that saves time and reduces construction costs.

    Recently, Master Builders Solutions shared a new concept of applying MasterSeal waterproofing membrane on a blue roof design to enhance the integral part of the system with greater flexibility and durability. This is to counter the situation where many countries in Asia are experiencing flash floods or water drainage problems in urbanised areas, especially during the monsoon season. Be it green or blue roofs, roof landscape adds environmental and social economic benefits, making cities more liveable.

    MasterSeal M 800, the core membrane in MasterSeal Roof systems, is certified under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme by the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC) as an environmentally preferable coating.  For more information on MasterSeal Roof systems, download the brochurehere 

    ​​Note: MasterSeal is a registered trademark of Master Builders Solutions group in many countries