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    SikaPlast® PH 8131 (formerly known as MasterPolyheed® 8131) - High range water reducing admixture, superplasticising

    How does MasterPolyheed 8131 work?

    MasterPolyheed 8131 is a chloride free, high range water reducing admixture. It is based on selected water soluble sulphonated polymers, each of which acts optimally on the various constituents of Portland cement. It is also effective on blended cements based on Portland cement and other materials such as pozzolans, fly ash, and slags.

    What makes MasterPolyheed 8131 a unique solution?

    MasterPolyheed 8131 is especially suitable for concrete used in the construction of precast elements which requires good workability and high early and final strengths, such as :

    • production of load bearing precast elements (e.g. bridge girders, piles, concrete housing)
    • structures constructed using travelling forms and slip forms
    • hot weather concreting
    • insitu casting of structural elements

    How can you benefit from MasterPolyheed 8131?

    • High workability
    • High water reduction
    • Superior cohesion
    • High early strength
    • High elastic modulus
    • Low shrinkage