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    Ucrete MFAS - Antistatic Heavy Duty Polyurethane Floor Finish


    How does Ucrete MFAS work?

    Ucrete MFAS is a unique HD polyurethane resin floor which provides a smooth protective antistatic floor finish suitable for applications in predominantly dry environments.

    Ucrete MFAS is used in the electronics industry to protect sensitive electronic devices and in explosion hazarded areas.

    It is dense and impervious, providing the ideal floor finish for applications in the electronics, food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries including clean room, laboratory, packing hall and warehouse applications and wherever a robust, long lived floor is required.

    Ucrete Industrial Flooring has been widely used throughout industry for more than 40 years; many of the older floors are still in service. A detailed project reference list is available upon request


    What makes Ucrete MFAS a unique solution?

    Ucrete MFAS meets the anti-static requirements of BS5958, EN1081, DIN51953 and EN61340 and does not require regular maintenance for a long period of time.


    What are the features and benefits of Ucrete MFAS?

    • Antistatic Properties - Ucrete MFAS provides an antistatic floor and meets the requirements of BS5958, EN1081, DIN51953 and EN61340
    • Air Quality - Ucrete has been awarded the Indoor Air Comfort Gold Label following extensive VOC emission chamber testing and auditing of quality management and production control procedures.
    • Temperature Resistance Ucrete MFASfloor is fully resistant to liquid spillage and discharge up to 70°C. Suitable for freezer temperatures down to -15°C
    • Non Tainting - Ucrete MFAS is solvent free and non-tainting from the end of mixing, as tested by the Campden Technology Ltd.
    • Chemical Resistance Ucrete MFAS offers exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemical aggressors.
    • Impact Resistance - With high mechanical strengths and a low elastic modulus, Ucrete MFAS is very resilient and able to withstand severe impact loads.
    • Substrate Moisture Tolerance - Ucrete Industrial Flooring is extremely tolerant to residual substrate moisture and can be installed directly onto 7 day old concrete, or onto old good quality concretes with high moisture contents without the use of special primers, provided there is a functioning DPM within the structure. This enables rapid construction programmes to be maintained and facilitates refurbishment work in wet process areas.
    • PermeabilityUcrete MFAS exhibits zero absorption when tested to CP.BM2/67/2.
    • Slip ResistanceUcrete MFAS floors have coefficient of friction as determined to EN13036 Part 4 with 4S rubber on the wet floor
    • Ucrete MFAS is available in seven standard colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Grey, Blue, Green/Brown


    Ucrete Brochure

    pdf (10.83 Mb)