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    ​​​​​MasterCast 1163 - PCE based High Range Water Reducing Admixture for Pavers & Blocks (Wet Mix Method)


    How does MasterCast 1163 work?

    MasterCast 1163 is an innovative multi-purpose superplasticizer based on polycarboxylic ether polymers, specially developed for pavers blocks with low cement content. The product is suitable for the production of pavers, tiles manufactured by wet mix method. At the same time, MasterCast 1163 accelerates the strength development and reduces the cycle time whilst the appearance is maintained or even improved.

    The unique principle of action on the cement grain is that MasterCast 1163 fully exploits the hydration potential of cement resulting in higher early strengths and shorter curing times.

    Recommended uses:

    • Masonry block units
    • Pavers
    • Plain cement tiles
    • Cement Terrazzo tiles
    • Concrete poles & pipes
    • Cement roof

    What makes MasterCast 1163 a unique solution?

    MasterCast 1163 is mainly for Dry or Semi dry mortors to improve cohesiveness, setting time, strength, finishes of masonary blocks, paver blocks, plasters etc.

    What are the features and benefits of MasterCast 1163?

    • Increased early & later age strength
    • Shorter curing & cycle time
    • Less wear of moulds.
    • Improved structure.
    • Improved cohesion.
    • Reduced water absorption.
    • Applicable for all Portland and Slag cements.
    • Reduced efflorescence.