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    MasterFinish 249 - Water-diluteble, form-release agent for excellent surface finish of concrete


    How does MasterFinish 249 work?

    MasterFinish 249 is a water-diluteble, non-toxic, non-irritant form-release agent. MasterFinish 249 is specially formulated to give an easy and complete release of the concrete from the forms and a significantly improved quality of the concrete surface which is smooth, homogenous and free of pinholes.

    Recommended uses:

    • Prestressed, precast, and pipe plants
    • RCC structures

    MasterFinish 249 is well suited for shutter faces made from wood, steel, fibreglass, aluminium & paper.

    Concrete cast against surfaces coated with MasterFinish 249 exhibit a smooth, hard,uniform finish. MasterFinish 249 gives an improved exposed surface of concrete economically by reducing the application time, quicker stripping, easier and faster cleaning of the forms and increased life of the formworks.

    It is safe and eliminates many health and Environmental risks as compared to the traditional form release agents based on mineral oils and thus can be used with the maximum confidence by the workers on the job site.

    MasterFinish 249 has no negative effect on the properties of concrete nor will it impair the adhesion of subsequent surface treatments when applied at the recommended coverage rates.

    What makes MasterFinish 249 a unique solution?

    MasterFinish 249 forms layer on formwork shuttering which acts as separation barrier between concrete and formwork substrate and provides good concrete finishes. It also helps in lowering repair cost of concrete and maintenance cost of formwork.

    What are the features and benefits of MasterFinish 249 ?

    • Water-resistant chemical barrier – Ensures fast, clean stripping of forms
    • No residue transfer – Stain-free & less voids
    • Does not harm concrete – compatible
    • Alkali resistant – protects aluminium forms
    • Safe for wood fibres – extends service life
    • Free from Mineral oil – VOC free
    • Rapid drying – immediate placement
    • Suitable for high form temperatures - up to 60oC