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    MasterFlow 9200 – Ultra-high strength grout for onshore wind turbine foundations.

    Where and how does MasterFlow 9200 work?

    Onshore wind turbines are high, slender structures exposed to millions of dynamic loads every year, that require a high performance MasterFlow Exagrout to guarantee long operation of the wind farm. MasterFlow 9200 is a new generation of ultra-high strength, high modulus, fatigue resistant grout used to durably connect the wind turbine towers to the concrete foundations. MasterFlow 9200 is the vital link in the onshore wind turbine installation, ensuring the optimal electricity production over the entire lifetime of the structures.

    What makes MasterFlow 9200 a unique solution?

    MasterFlow 9200 has been especially developed to meet the structural requirements of all Vestas onshore turbine installations and types. The material exhibits long term durability and guarantees a fast, secure and cost effective
    installation of the onshore wind farm. High early and final strength, and excellent fatigue resistance makes this material uniquely suitable for structures that are exposed to very high dynamic loads, e.g. high wind loads, vibrations, bending moments, in onshore conditions.
    The high early strength development of MasterFlow 9200 and the possibility to install the material in temperatures as low as 2°C, allow the material to be installed in the shortest weather windows possible. 
    Short overall installation times and earlier operation of the wind farm guarantee faster energy production, earlier return on investment and safeguard project completion on time.

    MasterFlow 9200 meets customer demands of all value players in the onshore market, and offers a wide variety of benefits.

    Excellent durability:

    • High fatigue resistance
    • Able to absorb all dynamic loads

    Secure maintenance free installation:

    • Volume stable
    • Excellent long term load transfer
    • High early and ultimate strengths

    Fast and cost effective installation:

    • Rapid strength build-up, even at temperatures as low as +2° C
    • Earlier pre-stressing of anchors at all temperature ranges

    Short overall installation times and earlier operation of the wind farm