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    ​​​​​​​Cold Weather Construction Solutions

    ​​As we move into the winter months, here are some products designed to perform in cold weather.

    Cold Weather Construction Solutions | Master Builders Solutions

    ​​Concrete Repair

    ​​MasterEmaco T 430 high performance cementitious repair mortar​ is ideally suited for cold weather installations on horizontal surfaces. It can be installed as low as 20° F (-7°​ C) and has high initial strength and extended working time. ​

    MasterEmaco T 545 very rapid-setting magnesium phosphate-based mortar​ can be applied in below-freezing ​temperatures. With ​fast early strength, T 545 takes traffic in less than an hour and has higher sulphate resistance than conventional mortars. 

    Deck Coatings

    ​​​​Falling leaves and blowing debris contaminate surfaces. ​​Add this to longer cure times for single-component coatings, and projects can become difficult to complete in some instances. MasterSeal 914 accelerates the cure of one-component top coats in cool weather conditions​ to minimize downtime.

    Precision Grout

    ​​​MasterFlow 4316 ultra-high strength grout​ can be installed in temperatures as low as 35°​ F (2°​​​​ C). Flowable and pumpable, MasterFlow 4316 has 16,000 psi ultimate strength and withstands temperatures up to 1000°​ F (538°​ C).

    Joint Sealants

    ​​​Best practices dictate that all caulking and sealing be done when temperatures are above 40°​ F (4°​​ C) to avoid applicaion to moisture-laden surfaces​. Moisture on substrates will adversely affect adhesion​. 

    MasterSeal NP 100 high peformance hybrid sealant and MasterSeal SL 100 high performance, self-leveling hybrid sealant​ can be applied in temperatures as low as 20°​​ F (-6°​ C) if there is certainty that substrates are clean, completely dry and free of frost, as described under the Surface Preparation section of the technical data guides. 

    ​Performance Flooring

    ​Ucrete Accelerator is an additive for use in UD 200, UD 200SR and DP systems meant to enhance the speed of cure in temperatures as low as 40° F (4° C). 

    Wall Coatings

    ​CW Alpha Dry Base Coat​ is a dry-mix polymer adhesive and base coat containing Portland cement that requires only water for mixing. CW Alpha Dry Base Coat​ is specifically formulated to use when the job site temperatures are between 35° F (2° C) and 50° F (10° C).

    MaxFlash is a one-component elastomeric materia​l for use as a flexible flashing membrane. It can also be used to prepare sheathing joints for subsequent application of Master Builders Solutions air/water-resistive barrier membranes. Cure times will be extended in dry and cold conditions. MaxFlash can be applied to frost-free, dry substrates above 25° F (-4° C), but curing will not be initiated until temperature rises and remains above 32° F (0° C).​