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    Sikagard®-1855 (formerly known as MasterProtect® 1855) - Single component eco-friendly high build hydrophobic coating for foundations

    How does MasterProtect 1855 works?

    MasterProtect 1855 is a single component, water based, protective coating formulated from high performance ester/acrylic polymers, able to be applied even upon green concrete at 24 hours after placing.

    When cured, MasterProtect 1855 provides excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

    Where is MasterProtect 1855 applied?

    MasterProtect 1855 is developed to protect concrete substrates from corrosion and deterioration. It is an ideal protective coating for underground structures and foundations and can be applied on green concrete, serving as a curing compound as well as protection, saving time, labor and cost.

    What are the advantages of MasterProtect 1855?

    • One component and easy to apply
    • Good abrasion and chemical resistance
    • UV stable
    • Can be applied over damp surfaces
    • Can be applied over green concrete to act as a curing compound in addition to a protective coating
    • Environmentally friendly and safe to use (free from solvents and carcinogens, e.g. coal tar pitch, hydrocarbon based solvents, etc.)

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