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    Solutions for Marine Structures

    After prolonged exposure, water can be a destructive element for concrete. Master Builders Solutions addresses both new and refurbishment solutions for marine structures such as piers, harbor side structures, dams, caissons, piles, and rip rap that may face constant wave pressure, extreme weather conditions and corrosion from salt water.

    Admixtures that counter destructive elements

    For concrete placement in underwater conditions, the Master Builders Solutions brand of specialty anti-washout admixtures keeps concrete cohesive and fluid to achieve the desired strength and durability while helping ensure minimal environmental impacts to aquatic life.

    In addition, Master Builders Solutions​ addresses the issue of waterproofing from the beginning. Our quick, reliable and cost-effective admixture solutions combine corrosion inhibitors and watertight systems to create water repellant, impermeable concrete that is protected against chloride ingression and harsh weather conditions.

    Careful consideration at the time of construction can limit cracks, leaks and deterioration to extend the structural service life. Our commitment to quality solutions and our constant research and development into new admixture products and systems match the needs of our customers, adding value to structures worldwide.

    MasterPel – water resistant, efflorescence-controlling admixtures.

    Complex repair challenges are made simple

    Over time corrosion attack becomes a major problem for the serviceability of marine structures. Years of exposure to severe environmental influences, water infiltration and the harmful effects of chlorides, sulphates, and freeze-thaw cycles, as well as abrasion caused by sediment in the seawater and shipping impact, are all major contributors to the corrosion of the reinforcement within the concrete.

    Master Builders Solutions brand supplies almost every repair and protection solution necessary to extend the life span of concrete in this most aggressive of environments. These range from market leading anti-carbonation coatings and hydrophobization coatings, fast curing concrete repair mortars and essential crack repair to tried and tested cathodic protection products that are ideal for maritime structures.



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