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    MasterSeal HLM 5000 - Liquid cold-applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane system


    MasterSeal HLM 5000 is a one-component, moisture-curing, bitumen-modified polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing membrane for exterior below-grade or between-slab applications. It is available in these grades: MasterSeal HLM 5000 SL (self-levelling/squeegee) MasterSeal HLM 5000 R (roller) 

    Where is MasterSeal HLM 5000 applied?

    • Concrete
    • Plywood (exterior)
    • Exterior below grade (on masonry, concrete, and incidental metal)
    • Above grade (between two-course concrete and within cavity walls)
    • Parking garages and concrete tanks
    • Plaza decks and malls
    • Fountains and pools
    • Balconies and planters
    • Below-grade slabs
    • Walls and culverts
    • Sea walls, dams and reservoirs 

    What are the advantages of MasterSeal HLM 5000?

    • Available in standard and high-build systems
    • Waterproofing membrane to prevent water penetration
    • Elastomeric accommodates expansion and contraction
    • Wide service-temperature range, making MasterSeal HLM 5000 suitable for all climates
    • Chemical resistance to bacterial attack, select acids, alkalis and salts
    • Seamless cold-applied membrane eliminates lapping, seaming and precutting
    • Does not require hot-melt equipment

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    MasterSeal HLM 5000_TDS

    pdf (893.59 Kb)