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    Sikasil® SL 189 (formerly known as MasterSeal® SL 189)

    A Ultra-low modulus silicone sealant for concrete to concrete / concrete to asphalt and asphalt to asphalt pavement joints


    MasterSeal SL 189 is a high performance one component, moisture curing, silicone construction sealant. In properly designed and constructed joints the product has been formulated to offer ultra-low modulus, fuel and UV resistant, elastomeric seal. Asphaltic paving materials have low tensile strengths. It is important to use an ultra-low modulus material when sealing these substrates to ensure minimal strain is placed on the asphaltic joint face. 

    Where is MasterSeal SL 189 applied?

    MasterSeal SL 189 has been developed specifically for sealing dynamically moving joints such as; expansion and control joints. MasterSeal SL 189 can be used to seal irregularly shaped and spalled joints. 

    MasterSeal SL 189 sealing sawcut openings used to encapsulate and seal sensitized wiring loops for control of traffic signals, traffic counters, parking lot gates, ticket dispensers, and other similar equipment. It is also excellent for use in sealing light cans and electrical cable used in airport runway lighting. 

    What are the advantages of MasterSeal SL 189?

    • Cold-applied, ready-to-use 
    • Ultra-low modulus, durable resilient seal 
    • Fuel-resistant 
    • Primer free, save labor and time 
    • Faster skin-over time, quick open to traffic 
    • Flows in to irregular joint widths, No tooling 
    • Wide application temperatures: -30°C to 50°C

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    Brochure: MasterSeal Sealants

    pdf (3.65 Mb)