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    Ras Ghareb Wind Farm: First Wind Farm in Egypt to Use Grout

    This wind farm marks the first renewable energy Independent Power Producer (IPP) project of its kind and size in Egypt. This windfarm is a 262.5MW on-shore wind project being developed near the Gulf of Suez, approximately 30km north-west of Ras Ghareb, Egypt. Due to the climate variations in the area and the uniqueness of the project, there were certain challenges were Master Builders Solutions were needed to help solve them, and from the day we were chosen, our engineers were present onsite to assist all parties with technical advice and with choosing the right solutions from our vast product range.

    The project is being developed by Ras Ghareb Wind Energy S.A.E, a special-purpose joint venture company established by Engie (40%), Toyota-Tsusho / Eurus Energy (40%) and Orascom Construction (20%) on a build-own-operate (BOO) basis. The estimated investment in the project is $400m. The contractor is Siemens Gamesa and Orascom Construction, the applicator is ABuild and the consultan is Lahmeyer International.

    The project reached financial closure in December 2017 and the construction commenced in 2018. It was completed in 2019 and will supply power to approximately 500,000 households when fully operational.

    The windfarm is expected to support the Egyptian Government's target to supply 20% of electricity from renewable sources by 2022.

    This unique project had major challenges, and this is were Master Builders Solutions came in.

    Those challenges included:

    - The climate variations between summer, autumn, winter and spring

    - Wind speed challenges during operations

    -Tight schedule

    -Finding innovative execution methods to improve the quality

    - Initiate durable solutions to insure long durability for the wind turbine structure

    -reach high and early final strength for the grouting foundation 

    - Introducing smart solutions to speed the process of structure creation so that the wind farm can be fully operational

    - Provide sustainable solutions for the whole-life performance of the wind turbine

    ​To help solve the above challenges we introduced these innovative solutions:

    -MasterFlow 9400: innovative solution for the foundation grout, providing excellent, fatigue resistance, high and early final strength and  ultra-high modular for exceptional stiffening properties. This product is the most suitable solution to be cubed into a complex area or area inaccessible to conventional grouting methods.

    -MasterSeal 6100 FX: waterproofing solutions, that resists up to 5 bars with high resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion. Allows rapid curing, high durability, low consumption and time saving. It also reduces efflorescence appearance risk

    -MasterKure 101: a curing compound solution for the casted concrete to enhance the hidration process for the casted concrete

    -MasterFinish 341M: chemical release agent suitable for mold and shutter faces prior to casting concrete in order to achieve a clean release

    -MasterSeal 622: a bitumen foundation protection solution that provides an excellent resistance to water, dilute acids and alkalis, chloride and sulphate ions

    Some facts about this project:

    • 262.5 MW – onshore wind farm
    • 2 consecutive working year with more than 2.750.000 working hours without LTI
    • Estimated investment is about 400.000.000 USD
    • Supplying power to approximately  500.000 Households when fully operational
    • 125 wind turbine
    • The 2.1 MW turbine feature a97 m long , rotor suitable for low wind sites, light weight blades , active yaw system and a preventive maintenance system