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    Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

    Fiber-reinforced concrete enhances the durability of concrete by reducing crack width typically due to plastic shrinkage, long term drying shrinkage and thermal changes. Because concrete cannot be prevented from cracking, the goal is to keep the cracks tightly closed in order to maintain long-term durability.

    Benefits of fiber-reinforced concrete:

    • Eliminates the need for welded-wire reinforcement (WWR) and conventional steel bars as secondary reinforcement, depending on the application
    • Effective tight crack control
    • Extends service life with reduced maintenance
    • Faster speed of construction and time savings
    • Labor savings
    • Improved worker safety
    • Reduces plastic settlement

     Master Builders Solutions​ ​​​​offers the MasterFiber line of products for every level of reinforcement:

    • Level 1: Control of plastic shrinkage cracking
      • MasterFiber microsynthetic monofilament fibers
    • Level 2: Replacement of light gauge welded-wire reinforcement
      • MasterFiber microsynthetic fibrillated fibers
    • Level 3: Post-crack control and replacement of traditional shrinkage and temperature reinforcement
      • MasterFiber macrosynthetic fibers and steel fibers
    • Level 4: Partial or complete replacement of structural steel reinforcing bars
      • MasterFiber steel fibers