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    MasterAir 111 - An air-entraining agent for concrete


    MasterAir 111 is an air-entraining admixture, which creates microscopic air bubbles that are strong, small and closely spaced. These air bubbles improve the plasticity of the fresh concrete and reduce the sulphate attack and water penetration of the cured concrete.

    Where is MasterAir 111 applied?

    Entraining controlled air bubbles in a wide range of concrete types such as: 

    • Airport runways 
    • Road works 
    • Normal mix designs to reduce bleeding and improve cohesive properties 
    • Concrete containing big quantity of fine materials 
    • Mass concrete, such as dams, to improve and ease placing, compaction.

    What are the advantages of MasterAir 111?

    • Helps to reduce the w/c ratio 
    • Reduce segregation 
    • Reduce bleeding 
    • Increase resistance of the hardened concrete to sulphate and frost 
    • Increase workability 
    • Improves surface finish 
    • Enables air-entrainment level of approximately 8.5±1% into concrete mixes without loss in strength 
    • Cohesiveness of the concrete mix will help concrete placing 

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