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    MasterFlow 648

     A high strength foundation grout


    MasteFlow 648 is a high performance nonshrink, epoxy grouting material for support and precision of heavy equipment to ensure the proper transmission of static and dynamic loads to the equipment foundation. 

    Where is MasterFlow 648 applied?

    The gas transmission industry made MasteFlow 648 the industry standard for grouting large compressors as well as other equipment. The steel industry selects MasteFlow 648 series grout for foundations under crushers, ball mills, rod mills slab tables, scale breakers and other heavy equipment. The mining, power, pulp and paper, and chemical industries are also successfully using MasteFlow 648 series grout in a variety of applications. 

    High strength, low creep, and good chemical resistance spell a multitude of uses for MasteFlow Grouts. MasteFlow Grouts are essential wherever precise permanent alignment of machinery is required.

    What are the advantages of MasterFlow 648?

    MasteFlow 648 is a three-component system which includes a two-part epoxy resin and carefully blended aggregate. At elevated temperatures, MasteFlow 648 provides excellent resistance to creep, high compressive strength, modulus of elasticity and excellent resistance to cracking. This product also produces a high percentage of bearing surface and good adhesion to steel and concrete.

    Critical machinery alignment is assured because of its excellent resistance to creep and high temperature compressive strength. MasteFlow 648 is chemically stable for temperatures up to 150°C. When installation conditions vary, the handling properties of MasteFlow 648 can be optimised by adjusting the amount of aggregate used. This does not significantly change the grout's mechanical properties but has the important advantage of maximising the bearing area while maintaining proper flow. MasteFlow 648 is resistant to oil, synthetic lubricants, water and most chemicals, and cures quickly which means equipment can return to service much sooner. ​


    MasterFlow 648 TDS

    pdf (312,25 Kb)

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