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    ​MasterSeal 707HE

    Synthetic membrane of plasticised PVC


    MasterSeal 707HE Synthetic membrane of plasticised PVC (two colour version light grey/dark grey) manufactured by co-extrusion. This enables the production, of a single layer of membrane where the two surfaces have different chemical-physical properties. The upper surface (grey and exposed) is characterized by an extremely high resistance to weathering & UV rays, while the lower surface is characterised by an extremely high resistance to puncturing and root penetration.


    MasterSeal 707HE can be applied in the following circumstances:
    • Water retaining structures
    • Water features 
    • Reservoirs 
    • Artificial lakes
    • Canals


    •  It has superior mechanical characteristics an extremely high resistance to weathering and ultra violet rays
    • High mechanical properties and resistance to puncturing
    • Rot-proof
    • Dimensionally stable 
    • Resistant to hot-cold temperature cycles
    • Adequate resistance to chemicals when immersed in water
    • Resistant to root penetration
    • Long life expectancy

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    Hotline Phone: 15560​