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    ​​​SikaGrout®-9650 (formerly known as MasterFlow® 9650) – high strength grout for offshore foundations

    How does MasterFlow 9650 work?

    MasterFlow 9650 is a shrinkage compensated grout which when mixed with water, produces a homogeneous, flowable and pumpable grout. Latest best binder packing models and applied cementitious nanotechnology produces a grout with superior technical performance, and exceptional rheological properties. 

    What is MasterFlow 9650 used for?

    MasterFlow 9650 is the first ever blended grout that comes with a Type Approval Certificate for load carrying rock socket grouted connections. Furthermore, the material is suited for load carrying cylindrical grouted connections like monopiles using bolted connections.
    • ​For large scale, pump applications in offshore construction of wind turbine foundations or oil and gas installations
    • Grouting under very harsh conditions, e.g. at temperatures as low as 0°C.
    • Where rapid strength development is required, and shortest weather windows are key for a safe but cost optimized installation

    What are the benefits of MasterFlow 9650?

    MasterFlow 9650 offers the following benefits:
    • ​Available as silo material.
    • Can be applied in the shortest weather windows.
    • Excellent strength gain.
    • Compressive strength class C60/75, even at cold temperatures.
    • For applications in a wide temperature range – from 0 to 30°C.
    • Excellent flow and pumping properties reduce installation times and costs.
    • Very fast grout installation: can be installed at ≥ 50 m³/h. 
    • Pumpable through 2” grout lines. ​

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    Technische downloads

    MasterFlow 9650: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (231,92 Kb)