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    Master Builders Solutions Story

    Master Builders Solutions represents more than 100 years of experience, innovation and expertise in the construction industry, providing advanced chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures. Under Master Builders Solutions brand​ we bring together our extensive range of existing brands, technologies and products, as well as our global market experience, which we have gained in countless construction projects around the world.

    More than a century of experience

    1909: Chemist and visionary S.W. Flesheim established Master Builders Inc. in Ohio.

    1920s: Master Mix and Master Builder cement mortars that were workable in low temperatures changed the face of construction. Embeco non-shrink cement grouts with metallic aggregates were used to secure heavy machinery to factory floors.

    1930sMaster Builders revolutionized concrete by developing the first water reducing admixture, Pozzolith, air-entraining admixture Micro Air and accelerating admixtures that improved the quality and durability of concrete, and introduced uniformity to concrete construction.

    1940s: Technologies continued to evolve during World War II, including the MasterKure concrete curing agents.

    1950s: The introduction of epoxy grouts Ceilcote and Masterflow 648 laid the foundations for stabile infrastructures worldwide.

    1960s: Ucrete polyurethane cement flooring – the first highly durable seamless flooring that can withstand extreme thermal, physical, and chemical shock environments was developped by ICI and became later part of SKW.MBT. SKW Construction Chemicals commenced production of Melment concrete plasticizers – the first of its kind and a breakthrough in high early-strength applications.

    1970s: The modern-day skyscraper was born. Rheobuild superplasticizer for ready-mix and precast applications increased concrete workability, allowing buildings to reach record-breaking heights.

    SKW acquired PCI Augsburg GmbH and its building systems portfolio that includes tile fixing, sealants and repair mortars.

    1980s: Some of the biggest technological breakthroughs of this time included Polyheed mid-range water-reducing admixtures and MasterTop epoxy and polyurethane-based flooring systems.

    SKW expanded its business by acquiring ChemRex Inc. that specialized in polyurethane based sealants and repair mortars.

    1990s: Meyco Global Underground Construction developed sprayed concrete technologies for the tunneling and mining industries. Master Builders Inc. developed cutting edge technologies such as Rheocrete corrosion inhibiting admixtures, M-brace concrete strengthener and Rheodynamic Self-Consolidating concrete.

    SKW acquired Conica AG and Master Builders Technologies – and in doing so expanded its portfolio to include admixtures, tunneling and mining products and polyurethane technology.

    2000s: The 21st century marked a renaissance in construction technology and proven by the introduction of the Glenium ACE and Glenium SKY superplasticizers. After the merging of Degussa Huls with SKW Trostberg AG and Goldschmidt AG, BASF acquired Degussa’s construction chemicals.

    2013Master Builders Solutions is launched.​