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    Solutions for the Chemical Industry

    Flooring you can count on

    The demands within the chemical industry are extreme. The Masters Builders Solutions brand features a portfolio of Ucrete heavy-duty polyurethane and epoxy flooring systems that meet the requirements of flooring within the chemical sector. These flooring systems establish exceptional mechanical and chemical resistance as well as thermal shock resistance.

    Our flooring systems for both internal and external applications can be installed and returned to service quickly, ensuring the production process can continue with minimum disruption.



    Protection where it is needed most

    As a second line of protection to prevent, control or mitigate major hazard events, structurally sound secondary containment is an essential measure for the storage of chemicals and other hazardous materials in the chemical industry.

    Our market-leading chemical resistant coatings and surface treatments provide long-term resistance and protection from chemical attack. In addition, we have specific fast curing repair mortars that re-establish the structure’s integrity after heavy exposure to aggressive chemicals.

    We also offer a complete line of cementitious and polymer-based precision grouting materials for the stabilization and anchoring of machinery.

    MasterFlow - Cementitious and resin grouts for general purpose & precision grouting and also for anchoring

    MasterBrace - Composite strengthening systems to restore damaged concrete to its original load bearing capacity, and can increase its strength and structural performance

    MasterProtect - Water repellents, anti-carbonation and chemical resistant coating systems for protecting the concrete against the ingress of any contaminant

    MasterEmaco - Primers, repair mortars and fairing coats to regain the structure's original strength and durability and also to protect against corrosion