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    ​A match made in the UAE!

    QCON has become one of the most established and respected business partners for BASF Construction Chemicals within the Middle East and Africa region

    Built on trust, striving for success...

    QCON, as its name stands for, is a professional distributor and wholesaler for Quality Construction solutions. It is a company which values trust, and strives for success, thanks to its founder, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director Monish Ramchandani. We interviewed the man behind the success of QCON, to understand more about his relationship with BASF, the challenges he has faced, his opinions on the current and future status of the construction market in the UAE, and his existing and future goals.

    Monish Ramchandani, the young Indian entrepreneur, first established his company in August 2015. But before he was able to launch QCON, he explains that he first worked for successful multinational companies, including BASF. This shaped his foundations and provided substantial experience that he could later carry with him. "Working for BASF was a wonderful experience for me," Monish describes. "I learned the insides of a successful organization, which later became very useful for me in establishing QCON."

    He goes on to mention the passion he had for entrepreneurship which lead him to taking a leap of his own, "Some people aim to move up a company, become General Manager or CEO but my goal was to become a partner…I wanted to move my existing career to the next level and shake hands with BASF as partners, that was the dream really."

    When dreams come true…

    Monish's dream became a reality as QCON is now one of the top distributors for BASF Construction Chemicals in the Middle East and Africa, with its 5 branches in the UAE providing customers a comprehensive array of value-added services, that go beyond the industry norm. "BASF was one of the first brands we worked with when we started, helped by my background, connections and relations. It's a pleasure to be associated with BASF," he remarks.

    QCON's founder also mentions that working for BASF helped fulfill QCon's vision of using only quality branded products. "Our main priority is using just quality products, so since I was a part of BASF, I believe in the products as I've used and sold them myself… it made me confident that this is a professional product."

    Selling over 14,000 active products from various brands and companies, Monish explains that his initial goal was to create something innovative with QCON. "I believe we have a different concept. I wanted to provide customers with an easy and direct method of purchase." He continues, "I also wanted to create a marketplace; a One Stop solution for construction needs, for professional contractors and applicators, supported by levels of technical service not normally associated with other construction materials distributors." In a way, Monish saw an open gap in the construction industry, and urged to fill it.

    However, as in any company, difficulties may arise especially when trying to fulfill ambitious goals.  Monish mentions some of the ones he has faced, "with BASF in particular, we are selling products and offering technical solutions which need to be marketed in the correct way." He explains that, the biggest challenge was, as their first distributor in the UAE, to improve the visibility and create awareness of BASF brand. Although BASF is market and brand leader in the region's mega-projects, they are less well known in the active and fast-growing tier two and three projects and contractors, as well as with end users such as technical service, facility management, fit-out, and building maintenance companies. However, the hopeful entrepreneur states that they have been working on overcoming this obstacle. "BASF recognizes that as the UAE and Middle East construction develops further and the infrastructure and building stock ages, the degree of fragmentation in the market will increase. BASF is eager to serve the needs of those refurbishment projects of all sizes, by providing technical solutions to challenges which are not very different from that of the new construction projects. Therefore, I have had BASF's support throughout."

    Serving more users requires local presence…

    Monish concludes on a hopeful note. He's very positive when it comes to the construction market in the UAE, as to him, "Construction will always continue, I believe in the rulers of UAE, who are always eager to expand and develop. In addition, as explained refurbishment and repair will become increasingly important." He also sees a promising future for QCON's involvement with BASF saying, "We have all the aspects of a good partnership such as transparency and integrity. When both partners are happy, things move smoothly as I'm sure it will continue." He aims to expand his company geographically in order to "help more professional users successfully overcome their construction challenges and provide local stocks and technical service that they deserve."

    It is clear from the tone of his voice that Monish has a strong dedication and attachment to his company. "For me QCON is like my baby, I have helped it develop from the very start and now I'm watching it grow". He continues proudly, "I have come a long way with this company. It has now become part of my identity." QCON's founder vows at the end of the interview to continue to work hard on his company until it has become a big name within the construction industry. 

    We look forward to seeing what the future has in hold for Monish Ramchandani and QCON.