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    ​Robots prefer BASF floors

    Innovative flooring system is used at new Cherkizovo sausage factory

    There are no workers in shops and warehouses of the sausage factory launched in summer 2018 in near Moscow Kashira: all work is done by robots. Due to total automation of production processes, almost 100% sterility is also ensured. Smart machines operate in premises reliably protected against intrusion of microorganisms from outside; robots move on floors with innovative polyurethane-cement coating discerning by its special hygienic requirements, durability and resistance to abrasion.

    "Ucrete flooring system of polyurethane-cement coating was developed to specifically meet requirements of food, agricultural and chemical industries. It includes a wide range of materials allowing choosing optimum solution for any specific production or storage premises. Such factors as specifics of indoor micro climate, technology processes and cleaning methods are taken into consideration when choosing the right solution. Optimized level of surface skid resistance enables easy moving of vehicles and robotized equipment." – explains Nikolai Inzhevatov, Head of Industrial Flooring Division, BASF, the world's leading manufacturer of construction chemical.

    Five different types of Ucrete surfaces were used at the sausage factory in Kashira. These are surfaces with higher resistance to aggressive substances, different mechanical stresses and high temperatures; matt-finished, skid resistant, seamless and antistatic. All of them meet the most stringent hygiene requirements, this being mandatory for food industry. Total surface of Ucrete flooring poured at the factory exceeds 14,500 square meters. Another 10,500 square meters were reinforced with MasterTop 450 special compound. It ensures high dust-free level of concrete floor, makes it impervious for water and aggressive substances and also resistant to low temperatures and UV-radiation.

    Today, the dry sausage factory in near Moscow, being part of Cherkizovo Group, is the major one in Europe. Its production volume amounts to 30,000 tons of final products per year, which is 30% of the total dry sausage volume produced in Russia. Only 170 persons service this huge factory, they are predominantly engineers and IT specialists supervising operation of smart machines. Human labor is excluded from the process cycle; 100 % automation and use of innovative materials guarantee the highest level of sterility and ensure the highest production quality.