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    ​MasterCast 3936 - Key component of the 4 VALUES technology. Impregnation agent for paving stones and other manufactured concrete products (MCP), that provides long-lasting protection of the surface against water, oil and different types of dirt

    What is MasterCast 3936?​

    MasterCast 3936 is an impregnation agent that has been specifically developed for the application on dry and semidry concrete elements: paving stones, flags, etc. The surface that has been treated with MasterCast 3936 is water- and oil-repellent and additionally repels many types of dirt, from ketchup and mayonnaise, wine and so on. MasterCast 3936 improves the color brilliancy and allows for better stability of the color over the time. MasterCast 3936 can be sprayed or rolled on the surface of manufactures concrete products immediately after their compaction and stripping. Once applied, the product doesn't require any special drying or curing treatment: the elements can be transferred directly to the chamber for curing, as it is normally done. By associating to the application of MasterCast 3936 also the employ of the MasterCast series of mass admixtures, it is possible to obtain a TOTAL PROTECTION of the elements: not only the surface is protected, but also the whole body of concrete, thereby assuring improved surface aesthetics in use and minimized efflorescence. 4 VALUES: The 4 VALUE concept is based on the 4 values that are important to the producers of Manufactured Concrete Products (MCP): ECONOMY Optimization of the mix design, acceleration of the production cycle, reduction of scrap. PERFORMANCE Performance improvement of the finite elements, particularly of the splitting tensile strength, according to the requirements of the European standards (EN 1338, EN 1339, EN 1340 etc). AESTHETICS Better surface texture and improved color brilliancy. DURABILITY Better resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and higher abrasion resistance.

    What is MasterCast 3936 used for?

    MasterCast 3936 is suitable for the surface treatment of paving stones and any other type of Manufactured Concrete products, i.e. elements made with dry or semi-dry concrete and compacted by vibration or vibro-compression. ​

    What are the benefits of MasterCast 3936​?

    MasterCast 3936 offers the following benefits:
    • Water-repellency
    • Oil-repellency
    • Resistance to the penetration of different types of dirt (ketchup, mayonnaise, etc)
    • Easy cleaning with water of the surface, after dirt attack
    • Improved color brilliancy
    • Superior resistance of the surface from color fading
    • Improved resistance to efflorescence


    MasterCast 3936_TDS

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