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    SikaPaver®-764 (formerly known as MasterCast® 764) - A plasticiser for manufactured concrete products

    How does MasterCast 764 work?

    MasterCast 764 is a liquid ready to use admixture based on negatively charged molecules of synthetic polymers which when dispersed in the freshly mix concrete absorb onto the surface of the cement grains. After the molecules are absorbed they create an electrostatic repulsion amongst the cement grains, making their dispersion in water easier and consequently the concrete mix is more workable and the effort to compact the mix is greatly reduced.

    Due to its unique principle of action on the cement grain, MasterCast 764 fully exploits the hydration potential of cement resulting in higher early strengths and shorter curing times.

    MasterCast 764 meets the requirements of:

    • EN 934-2 Tables 3.1, 3.2

    What is MasterCast 764 used for?

    MasterCast 764 is designed for use in the manufacture of concrete blocks, block paving and hollow core slabs.

    MasterCast 764 should be to optimise the cycle time of the above manufactured concrete products (MCP).

    MasterCast 764 may be used in conjunction with MasterCast 742 colour enhancer and MasterCast 744 water repellent.

    What are the benefits of MasterCast 764?

    MasterCast 764 has been formulated specifically for use in the Middle East climate and it offers the following advantages:

    • Reduces the costs associated with compaction energy
    • Job time and cost reduced through higher productivity rates and/or reduced labour
    • Early strength allows for fast turnaround of moulds increasing productivity


    MasterCast 764_TDS

    pdf (260.18 Kb)


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