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    ​SikaPaver® GSC 3076 (formerly known as MasterCast® GSC 3076) - New generation of admixture for Manufactured Concrete Products specially formulated for where the mix has been optimised using Green Sense Concrete technology

    What is MasterCast GSC 3076?

    MasterCast GSC 3076 uses unique polymers specially developed for semi-dry concrete mixes. The product is suitable for the production of hollow-core slabs, masonry and paving blocks. At the same time, MasterCast GSC 3076 accelerates the strength development and reduces the cycle time whilst the appearance is maintained or even improved.
    Due to its unique principle of action on the cement grain, MasterCast GSC 3076 fully exploits the hydration potential of cement resulting in higher early strengths and shorter curing times.

    What are the benefits of MasterCast GSC 3076?

    MasterCast GSC 3076 offers the following benefits for the MCP industry: 
    • Optimised mix design
    • Enhanced productivity due to shorter cycle time
    • Higher early strength
    • Optimised curing cycles due to shorter curing times


    MasterCast GSC 3076_TDS

    pdf (290.24 Kb)


    Oman: +968/24435800
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