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    ​MasterCast R 3934 - Set-retarding liquid admixture specifically designed for use with mortars

    What is MasterCast R 3934?

    MasterCast R 3934 is a powerful retarder for use with mortars. It delays the hydration process resulting in controlled extensions to the initial and final setting times. It can be used to improve workability without the addition of extra water, or to allow reductions in the free water content. Due to improved dispersion of the cement particles the process of hydration proceeds under the optimum conditions, leading to improved strength characteristics with or without reduction in free water. ​

    What is MasterCast R 3934 used for?

    MasterCast R 3934 has been formulated to be used in combination with MasterCast AE 3998 to produce high-quality retarded mortars. Mortars produced using these two admixtures can be used for laying bricks and blocks; for stucco/plaster (scratch and surface coats) and any application where extended workability combined with long-term stable air content is required. ​

    What are the benefits of MasterCast R 3934?

    • Increases compressive, tensile and flexural strength of mortar
    • Increases density of mortar reducing permeability and thus increasing durability​
    • Allows a reduction in free water in the region of 8-12%
    • Enables controlled extension of initial and final set


    MasterCast R 3934_TDS

    pdf (284.05 Kb)


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