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    MasterCast WP 793 - Water resisting admixture

    What is MasterCast WP 793 used for?

    MasterCast WP 793 is a high-performance integral waterproofing agent specifically engineered for the enhancement of both wet and dry cast concrete applications. When seamlessly integrated into concrete mixtures. MasterCast WP 793 establishes a superior waterproofing barrier, effectively safeguarding structures against moisture ingress. ​

    FIT 4 VALUE:
    ​MasterCast WP 793 is a component to Master Builders Solutions FIT 4 VALUE concept. FIT 4 VALUE considers the four elements essential for MCP manufactures:
    1. FIT for Economics
    2. FIT for Performance
    3. FIT for Aesthetics
    ​4. FIT for Durability Here, FIT means meeting every requirement for economics, performance, aesthetics and durability.​

    What are the benefits of MasterCast 793?

    • Inhibits algae and moss growth
    • Preserves original appearance
    • Stops or reduces efflorescence
    • Reduced water permeability
    • Improves colour retention
    • Low odour, low toxicity formula ​


    MasterCast WP 793_TDS

    pdf (192.46 Kb)


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