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    ​MasterEase 3536 - Poly Aryl Ether based superplasticizer for the production of high-quality ready-mix concrete

    What is ​MasterEase 3536?

    MasterEase 3536 is an innovative latest generation superplasticizer based on Poly Aryl Ether (PAE) polymers and is specially engineered for ready-mix concrete.

    MasterEase 3536 is formulated from unique polymers produced in-house. The objective of the development of the PAE polymer was to take the characteristics of traditional polycarboxylic ether (PCE) admixtures but to modify the structure of the polymer to give enhanced rheology and robustness to the concrete.

    The PAE polymers contained in the formulation of MasterEase 3536 ensure that enhanced rheology is maintained from time of mixing to time of placing and finishing.  

    What is ​MasterEase 3536 used for?

    MasterEase 3536 is used for the production of high-quality ready-mix concrete.

    What are the benefits of ​MasterEase 3536?

    The ready-mix producer:
    • Capability of delivering high performance concrete with enhanced rheology
    • Concrete is easier to pump reducing pumping time and wear-and-tear on equipment
    • Concrete is easier to place and finish
    • Enhanced rheology is maintained from time of mixing to time of placement

    The contractor / applicator:
    • Easier placing and faster strength development
    • Improved concrete surfaces

    The engineer:
    • Insurance that concrete meets original specification
    • High quality durable concrete


    MasterEase 3536_TDS

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