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    MasterEmaco S 422 - A single component, high strength fiber reinforced structural repair mortar, engineered for repairs to new construction

    How does MasterEmaco S 422work?

    MasterEmaco S 422 is a combination of Portland cement, well graded sands, specially selected fibres and additives to improve physical, and installation properties and reduce the possibility of shrinkage cracks.

    When mixed with water MasterEmaco S 422 produces a thixotropic repair mortar, ideally suited to hand, and spray application.

    Where is MasterEmaco S 422applied?

    Repairs to honeycombing and other defects in all structural elements such as:

    •  Beams, columns, walls and slabs in high rise buildings
    •  Oil gas and petrochemical foundations and supports
    •  Columns, Piers and cross beams on highway structures
    •  Marine and other civil structures
    •  Water production, treatment, intake and outfall structures and sewerage facilities
    •  Tunnels, pipes and other below ground construction
    •  Cooling towers and chimneys and other industrial environments

    What are the advantages of MasterEmaco S 422?

    • Cost effective
    •  Excellent workability for easy mixing, placing and finishing
    •  Reduced cracking tendency by use of EE Fibre technology and synergistic shrinkage control systems
    •  High modulus ensuring transfer of loads to parent concrete
    •  Can be applied up to 40mm thick in one layer for reduced installation time
    •  Concrete colored when cured


    Job References - MasterEmaco S 422

    pdf (680.77 Kb)

    MasterEmaco S 422 Chloride_MS

    pdf (473.29 Kb)

    MasterEmaco S 422_MS

    pdf (383.50 Kb)

    MasterEmaco S 422_TDS

    pdf (379.09 Kb)


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