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    ​MasterEmaco S 496 - Ultra high strength, non-shrink, free-flowing “micro-concrete” for structural concrete repairs

    What is ​MasterEmaco S 496?

    MasterEmaco S 496 is a pre-packaged blend of Portland cement, carefully graded natural aggregate, specially selected sand, shrinkage control agents, fillers, fluidity aids. When mixed with the stated amount of water it produces a very high strength, cohesive, dimensionally stable, free flowing, precision micro-concrete suitable for form and pour repair applications

    What is ​MasterEmaco S 496 used for?

    MasterEmaco S 496 is the ideal material for vertical or horizontal structural repairs where large concrete section loss warrants the use of formwork or where there is congested reinforcement or impeded access that prevents the use of hand or spray applied repair mortars. Its high ultimate strength makes it ideal for use in heavy load bearing structural repairs.
    MasterEmaco 496 has been developed to fulfill the requirements of EN 1504 Principle 3.2: recasting with concrete, and Principle 4.4: structural strengthening by adding mortar or concrete. Other areas of use include;
    • Interior and exterior concrete repair
    • Large volume structural repairs Principle 3.1 EN 1504
    • Columns strengthening according to Principle 3.2 EN 1504
    • Repair of honeycombed concrete
    • Foundation rebuilding
    • Floors & soffits 

    What are the benefits of ​MasterEmaco S 496?

    • Shrinkage compensated - unique formulation provides dual expansion system in plastic and hardened states for reduced risk of cracking.
    • Reduced heat of hydration allows large scale repairs to be carried out with a drastically reduced risk of thermal cracking.
    • Proven and predictable performance - material is precision blended in the factory to ensure consistent results.
    • Free flowing / self-compacting: ensures complete filling and eliminates honeycombing in areas of congested reinforcement.
    • Excellent workability retention even at high ambient temperatures.
    • High bond strength to steel and concrete.
    • High early strength development even at flowable consistency enables formwork to be stripped at an early age thus saving time and money
    • Impermeable thus high durability.
    • Very high ultimate compressive strength.
    • Excellent resistance to chloride ion Ingress.


    MasterEmaco S 496_MS

    pdf (120.60 Kb)

    MasterEmaco S 496_TDS

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