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    ​MasterFlow 915 RTA - High strength thixotropic epoxy bedding mortar for Rubber Expansion Joints

    What is MasterFlow 915 RTA?

    MasterFlow 915 RTA is a high performance, solvent free epoxy resin based bedding mortar for use with moulded rubber segmental expansion joints.

    What is MasterFlow 915 RTA used for?

    As a bedding mortar for segmental expansion joints where a low flow high strength material is required to accommodate high road cambers. 

    What are the benefits of MasterFlow 915 RTA?

    MasterFlow 915 RTA is a three-component system that includes a two-part epoxy resin and carefully blended aggregate. MasterFlow 915 RTA provides excellent resistance to creep and with high early and ultimate compressive strengths MasterFlow 915 RTA is resistant to oil, synthetic lubricants, water and most chemicals.
    • No priming required.
    • High tensile, flexural and compressive strength.
    • Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete.
    • Excellent fatigue resistance.
    • High resistance to dynamic loads and chemical attack.


    JRef - MasterFlow 915 RTA.pdf

    pdf (79.54 Kb)

    MasterFlow 915 RTA_MS

    pdf (306.06 Kb)

    MasterFlow 915 RTA_TDS

    pdf (154.38 Kb)


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