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    ​MasterFlow 916 PG / TIX - Fast setting, economic, two-component polyester anchoring grouts

    What is MasterFlow 916 PG / TIX?

    MasterFlow 916 PG and MasterFlow 916 TIX are respectively, pourable and thixotropic grades, of two component, fast setting, very high strength polyester mortars used for anchoring and fixing. Gel times have been optimized for use in Middle East conditions providing sufficient work time without compromising fast strength gain and return to service.

    What is MasterFlow 916 PG / TIX used for?

    For fixing and anchoring:
    • Reinforcing starter bars.
    • Holding down bolts of baseplates.
    • Tie bar installation.
    • Crash barriers, ballustrades, handrails and fence posts.
    • TV satellite dishes and general fixing.

    MasterFlow 916 PG pouring grade material is used in vertical downward holes in horizontal surfaces.

    MasterFlow 916 TIX is a thixotropic version designed especially for use in horizontal holes on vertical surfaces and overhead applications

    What are the benefits of MasterFlow 916 PG / TIX?

    • Easy to mix and apply.
    • Small pack size to minimize waste.
    • Two grades available for different applications.
    • Early rapid strength gain.
    • Vibration and corrosion resistant.
    • Damp and wet conditions will not affect cure or strength gain.
    • Can be placed underwater.
    • Non- expansive.


    MasterFlow 916 PG/TIX_MS

    pdf (112.49 Kb)

    MasterFlow 916 PG/TIX_TDS

    pdf (272.30 Kb)


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