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    MasterProtect 180 / 180SP - A non-toxic solvent free high build protective epoxy resin coating

    How does MasterProtect 180 / 180SP work?

    MasterProtect 180 / 180SP is a protective high build epoxy resin coating specifically developed to protect concrete. Supplied as a two-component system comprising pigmented base and a hardener, it requires only on-site mixing to produce an easily applied decorative and chemically resistant finish. MasterProtect 180 / 180SP can be safely used in areas where contact with foodstuffs is envisaged or for coating potable water storage tanks. It is solvent free and can be used with safety in small rooms or tanks without the need to provide special ventilation. MasterProtect 180 / 180SP coatings will not support the growth of bacteria..

    What is MasterProtect 180 / 180SP used for?

    For the internal protection of concrete tanks containing drinking water, certain chemicals, oils and fuel. Contact your Master Builders Solutions representative for further advice. As an impervious, resilient and chemically resistant floor or wall coating in food manufacturing plants, breweries, canning and bottling factories. As a gas and vapour barrier. As a protective and decorative coating in laboratories, abattoirs, etc. Other usage areas include oil refineries, paper mills, power stations, garages, hospitals, sugar refineries, hangars and most liquid containment areas.

    What are the benefits of MasterProtect 180 / 180SP?

    • Durable
    • Non-toxic
    • Waterproof and protective
    • High chemical resistance
    • High temperature water resistance
    • Solvent free
    • High build coating
    • Easily applied by brush and roller
    • Also available in sprayable version (MasterProtect 180 SP​) which should be applied using suitable airless spray equipment only.​​


    JRef - MasterProtect 180

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