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    MasterProtect 8000 CI - Class-leading Concrete Protection Against Corrosion

    Corrosion inhibitor MasterProtect 8000 CI significantly enhance your concrete structures value and service life

    Over the past 15 years, there has been an unprecedented increase in the use of concrete in infrastructure and industrial facilities, as well as commercial and residential buildings. But how long do concrete structures last?

    Extending service life of concrete structures​

    A growing demand for longer service lives and the need to rehabilitate and renovate existing buildings have led to a need for preventive and repair techniques that match these durability expectations. Increasingly severe climatic, environmental and service conditions are posing new challenges for structures designed for longer service lives.

    Benefits of the MasterProtect 8000 CI corrosion inhibitor​

    ​​MasterProtect 8000 CI - Cost reduction  40%​ cost reduction

    MasterProtect 8000 CI - Decade of construction  10 + years

    More than a decade of construction knowledge and experience. Our local exper​ts help you to find the most efficient solution for concrete protection.

    MasterProtect 8000 CI - Ready to use  1 component

    MasterProtect 8000 CI is a single component corrosion inhibitor – it’s ready to use and no extra material is needed.​​


    How MasterProtect 8000 CI inhibits the corrosion process​

    MasterProtect 8000 CI penetrates into concrete and inhibits the electro-chemical corrosion process between the rebar and the chloride ions, oxygen and moisture present in the concrete. It is a breathable vapour permeable treatment.​

    • Single component, ready to use

    • Low viscosity

    • Clear liquid which can be easily spray applied with simple equipment.

    Concrete structures need protection from corrosive substances

    1. Buildings located in coastal areas

    Buildings located in costal areas  

    2. Typical marine structures such as quays, jetties, bridges in direct splash zones

    Typical marine structures

    3. Industrial tanks, silos or pools in contact with chlorinated water or exposed to airborne salts​


    4. Areas exposed to heavy use of any de-icing agents (salts), e.g. parking decks

    5. Bridges exposed to salty air or and splashes of salt water


    Saving Costs in the Long Run

    ​We can prove the cost-effectiveness

    MasterProtect 8000 CI - Saving costs  

    Master Builders Solutions​ has drawn upon expert knowledge from the industry to develop a life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) tool to assist our customers with this task.
    The output of an analysis can be readily made available to the project team in the form of a report.​​​

    MasterProtect 8000 CI: Lowest overall cost​​​


    Job References - MasterProtect 8000CI

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    MasterProtect 8000CI_TDS

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