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    MasterProtect H 303 - Clear water repellent based on alkyl alkoxy silane for the protection of concrete surfaces

    What is MasterProtect H 303?

    MasterProtect H 303 is a single component clear, deeply penetrating water repellent used to protect both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces from deterioration by atmospheric pollution, salt attack and freeze thaw cycles etc. 

    What is MasterProtect H 303 used for?

    To protect vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces such as:
    • Buildings
    • Bridges
    • Highways
    • Concrete barriers
    • Car parks
    • Sports stadia
    • Cooling towers
    • Water towers

    What are the benefits of MasterProtect H 303​​?

    • Provides a long-lasting protection: MasterProtect H 303 penetrates deep into the surface acting as a water repellent that prevents water, salts (chloride ion), atmospheric pollution and freeze/thaw cycles from deteriorating the concrete
    • Improves the aesthetics by reducing efflorescence, algae growth and dirt build-up
    • Surface appearance remains unchanged
    • Reduces volatile organic emissions into the atmosphere in comparison with today’s commonly used organic-solvent-based repellents
    • Provides a safer working environment for the applicator by minimising health hazards associated with organic solvents
    • Ready for use; no dilution on site, which means constant quality
    • One coat, no primer
    • May be applied to damp substrates
    • Application equipment easily cleaned with soapy water
    • Virtually no product evaporates during spray application, therefore more active silane can reach its intended target, so minimising wastage and maximising coverage


    MasterProtect H 303_MS

    pdf (142.88 Kb)

    MasterProtect H 303_TDS

    pdf (297.43 Kb)


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