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    SikaSeal®-122 MS (formerly known as MasterSeal® 122) - Multi-purpose, premium quality, silicone sealant

    What is MasterSeal 122?

    MasterSeal 122 is a versatile, neutral cure silicone sealant, having exceptional bond to most surfaces without primer. It is virtually odorless during cure. It is non-slump, with excellent resistance against UV, weather and water, which can be used in vertical and horizontal joints, in internal and external environments, to provide a long-term, durable, elastic seal.

    Where is MasterSeal 122 used?

    MasterSeal 122 has been developed to form a durable elastic seal for vertical and horizontal, sanitary, building, glazing and façade joints in internal and external areas.

    Because it is neutral curing, MasterSeal 122 can also be used to provide long lasting elastic sealing of movement & construction joint in concrete, blockwork and brick masonry without priming.

    Also recommended for curtain wall construction, glazing systems, swimming pools, bathrooms, showers, kitchens and wet rooms having with anti-fungal property for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


    Job References - MasterSeal 122

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    MasterSeal 122_TDS

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    MasterSeal Systems Engineered sealing and weatherproofing solutions

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