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    SikaProof®-730 PA (formerly known as MasterSeal® 730PA) - Pre-applied waterproofing membrane for below grade waterproofing 


    MasterSeal 730PA is a tough HDPE membrane treated with a unique Pressure Sensitive Adhesive to enable good adhesion with freshly poured concrete surfaces and has a Dual Lap Seal, having adhesive on both side of overlaps for dual adhesive lap sealing seam. The pressure sensitive adhesive matrix offers weather resistance during the casting process. MasterSeal 730PA’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and Dual Lap Seal forms a unique integral seal around the concrete poured against it. MasterSeal 730PA remains fully adhered to concrete helping retain its performance even there is ground settlement beneath the slabs.

    Where is MasterSeal 730PA applied?

    MasterSeal 730PA is intended for use in below grade waterproofing applications such as basements with high water table and cut & cover tunneling to prevent seepage and migration of water.​

    What are the advantages of MasterSeal 730PA?

    • Fully adhered to poured concrete – prevents water migration
    • Unaffected by wet conditions – enables application in high water table areas
    • Unaffected by contamination – does not require any special protection during construction
    • Placing of reinforcement can commence immediately after installation of waterproofing
    • Simple and easy to install – does not require special welding techniques
    • The release liner provides temporary protection prior to subsequent works
    • Chemically resistant – can be used in all soil and subsoil conditions
    • Resistant to Methane and Radon gas
    • Fully adhered Dual Lap Seal seams – ensures watertightness
    • Long service life​


    MasterSeal 730PA_MS

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    MasterSeal 730PA_TDS

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