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    MasterSeal 754TBG - Two coloured TPO membrane for underground works

    What is MasterSeal 754TBG?

    MasterSeal 754TBG is a synthetic TPO membrane made by co-extrusion with an insertof glass fibre. It is highly resistant to attack bymicro-organisms and perforation by roots. It is adifferent colour on each side:
    •  The upper surface (light green), whichaccounts for less than 20% of the totalthickness, forms the "signal layer".
    •  The underside (black) is highly resistant topuncture and perforation by roots.

    MasterSeal 754TBG is not UV resistant.

    What is MasterSeal 754TBG used for?

    MasterSeal 754TBG is a two-coloured membrane used as a waterproofing layer in civil engineering and building structures, such as:
    • Tunnels and buried galleries
    • Cut and cover tunnels
    • Underground works
    • Coverings of buried structures
    • Underground car parks

    The waterproofing membrane
    MasterSeal 754TBG includes a thin coloredlayer on the visible face of the membrane that allows a quick visual check of any damage occurred to the membrane during the application. This layer is called the "signal-tolayer".

    MasterSeal 754TBG membrane can be used aspart of a single-layer waterproofing system, compartmentalised or not, and in Flag Vacuum system.

    The sheets are welded together by applying hotair or using hot wedge, with manual or automatic welder. The welding can be made either with atrack that with double track. The double track allow to perform a pneumatic test with air.

    What are the benefits of MasterSeal 754TBG?

    • Excellent weldability
    • Includes a signal layer
    • High resistance to attack by micro-organisms and perforation by roots
    • Can be used in the vacuum system​​


    MasterSeal 754TBG_TDS

    pdf (269.69 Kb)


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