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    ​MasterSeal 953VF - PVC flange for vertical injection

    What is MasterSeal 953VF?

    MasterSeal 953VF is made of plasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that can be fully or partially welded onto PVC geomembranes. This device comprises an upper aperture to allow the connection to injection hoses/pipes, followed by a vertical shaft with an alternance of cylindrical sections of different diameters with two truncated-cone-shaped transitions and a lower flat flange, to allow welding to membranes. 

    What is MasterSeal 953VF used for?

    MasterSeal 953VF can be used to allow the injection of different types of sealing products on top or through a waterproofing geomembrane, normally as a part of a compartimentalized system. Please consult Master Builders Solutions Technical Service for different types of injection resins.
    MasterSeal 953VF can also be used as a control device to monitor the watertightness of double layer vacuum system, allowing the extraction of air in between the two layers. The shank of the injection pipe can be cut where needed, in such a way that the inner diameter fits to the outer diameter of the element that must pass through. ​

    What are the benefits of MasterSeal 953VF​?

    • Manufactured with PVC​
    • Compatible and weldable to any Master Builders Solutions PVC geomembrane
    • Resistant to deterioration by the sun, ozone and other agents or chemicals normally found in the atmosphere or water stratum
    • Excellent flexibility even at low temperatures
    • Long-lasting, mechanical properties are maintained in the long term
    • This type of PVC allows the use on concrete constructions ensuring excellent resistance not only to aging and chemical attack in alkaline environments but also to brackish water or acid solutions​​​


    MasterSeal 953VF_TDS

    pdf (353.58 Kb)


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