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    MasterSeal AWB 661FL - Specially formulated filling and smoothing compound for use on porous concrete block and concrete

    What is MasterSeal AWB 661FL?

    MasterSeal AWB 661FL is a one-component, water vapor permeable, water based block filler and smoothing compound based on Silica Fortified Rubber™ chemistry. It is chemically identical to, and performs the same function as, Enershield FL, which it replaces. It has been specifically designed for use with MasterSeal AWB 661I  nd MasterSeal AWB 661HP products as part of an air and water  esistive barrier membrane system.

    Where can MasterSeal AWB 661FL be applied?

    • As a pore filler and smoothing compound on porous concrete masonry blocks or poured concrete substrates.
    • As an integral part of building designs incorporating MasterSeal AWB air and water resistive barrier membranes to reduce heating and cooling costs during the life of the building.
    • Designed to promote adhesion of TWF-TF membrane.
    • Low shrinkage; fills voids and pores.
    • Water-based; non-flammable, low toxicity.


    JRef - MasterSeal AWB 661FL.pdf

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    MasterSeal AWB 661FL_MS

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    MasterSeal AWB 661FL_TDS

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