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    ​MasterSeal M 649 - High performance protective waterproofing polyurea system

    What is ​MasterSeal M 649?

    MasterSeal M 649 is a solvent free, twocomponent waterproofing membrane. It is highly reactive and can only be applied by special twocomponent hot spray equipment. The product reacts within seconds and once cured, leaves a flexible, durable, tough surface. It is extremely effective when used as a protective and waterproof coating.

    What is ​MasterSeal M 649 used for?

    For the external and internal protection of concrete structures, or other substrates, to prevent the ingress of water and attack by various chemicals. Contact your Master Builders Solutions representative for further advice.

    • Industrial & manufacturing facilities, storage, load and high traffic areas in the FoodIndustry.
    • Potable water reservoirs, rain storage tanks, clean water tanks.
    • Pools indoor-outdoor, reservoirs, recreation areas, slip-hazard areas.
    • Biotope, fishponds, playgrounds.
    • Filtration systems, oxygen-tanks, sedimentation-tanks.
    • Drinkwater and wastewater infrastructure, pipeline coating.
    • Cold storage, loading docks, ramps.
    • Laboratories, refrigerating warehousing.
    • Flat and architectural roofs.
    • Substructure waterproofing and protection.
    • Podium and landscaping​

    What are the benefits of ​MasterSeal M 649​?

    • Fast reactivity and cure times from 5 seconds up
    • Fast return to service time > long life cycle, almost maintenance free > significant savings
    • Anti-corrosive & waterproofing
    • Excellent adhesion on concrete, steel, aluminum, plastics, fibers, wood, foam etc.
    • Resistant to most aggressive chemicals, solvents, acids and caustics
    • High impact & abrasion resistance, maintains flexibility
    • Seamless and joint-less coating and lining, solid, high application thickness possible
    • Allows accurate reproduction of surface detail
    • High elongation at break
    • Very good tensile and structural strength
    • 100% solids, VOC-free, no solvents
    • UV, chlorine and saltwater resistant
    • High abrasion resistance​


    MasterSeal M 649_MS

    pdf (419.05 Kb)

    MasterSeal M 649_TDS

    pdf (474.56 Kb)


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