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    Sikalastic® M 689 (formerly known as MasterSeal® M 689) - A high elastic, ultra-fast curing, spray applied 100% polyurea membrane for use in waterproofing applications 


    MasterSeal M 689 is a solvent free, two component waterproofing membrane. It is highly reactive and can only be applied by special two component hot spray equipment. 

    Where is MasterSeal M 689 ultra-fast curing polyurea membrane applied?

    MasterSeal M 689 is used in a variety of waterproofing applications, especially where a high degree of chemical and mechanical resistance is required. 

    This includes: 

    • Waste water treatment plants (urban and industrial), both in the inflow and outflow areas. 
    • Sewage effluent pipelines. 
    • Steel and concrete pipes. 
    • Secondary containment bunds in chemical and petrochemical industries. 
    • Additionally MasterSeal M 689 can be applied on: 
    • Flat and architectural roofs.
    • Horizontal and vertical substrates. 
    • Internal and external areas. 
    • Concrete, cementitious mortar or steel substrates. 
    • Reinforced concrete to protect it against carbonation, chloride induced corrosion or chemical attack in industrial environments. 

    What are the advantages of a ultra-fast curing, spray applied 100% polyurea membrane?

    • Spray delivered and ultra-fast curing: enables easy application to form a monolithic waterproofing membrane on simple and complex surfaces. 
    • Rapid curing
    • Continuous membrane: monolithic – no laps, welds or seams 
    • Excellent chemical resistance. 
    • Waterproof and resistant to standing water. 
    • Fully bonded to substrate: can be applied to a wide range of substrates with the appropriate primer. 
    • High water vapour permeability: low risk of blistering. 
    • High resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion: Protects concrete from rebar corrosion. 
    • High abrasion and impact resistance: Withstand mechanical traffic. 
    • High elasticity and crack bridging capability: o Remains elastic at low temperatures; Tg approx. – 45°C o High durability and protection with reduced cracking due to embrittlement 
    • Thermoset – does not soften at high temperatures
    • Resistance to root penetration


    Job References - MasterSeal M 689

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    MasterSeal M 689 Brochure

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    MasterSeal M 689_MS

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    MasterSeal M 689_TDS

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