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    ​​Sikalastic® M 808 (formerly known as MasterSeal® M 808) - Polyurethane membrane for waterproofing and protection of concrete structures

    What is MasterSeal M 808?

    MasterSeal M 808 is a two-component elastic polyurethane membrane, with 100% solids formulation, high chemical and abrasion resistance. Approved for direct contact with potable water (WRAS certified) and foodstuff​​.

    What is MasterSeal M 808 used for?

    MasterSeal M 808 is used in waterproofing applications where contact with potable water or a high level of chemical resistance is required.

    This includes:
    • Water towers, storage tanks or any other water retaining structures.
    • Interior coating to drinking water tanks.
    • ​Storage tanks containing foodstuffs etc.
    • Water treatment plants (urban and industrial), both in the inflow and outflow areas.
    • Steel and concrete pipes.

    MasterSeal M 808 can be applied on:
    • Horizontal and vertical substrates.
    • Internal and external areas.
    • Concrete, cementitious mortar or steel substrates.
    • Reinforced concrete to protect it against carbonation or chloride induced corrosion and for protection against chemical attack in secondary containment bunds in chemical and petrochemical industries. Contact your local Master Builders Solutions representative for any other applications. 

    What are the benefits of MasterSeal M 808?

    • Can be applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces
    • Easy to apply by roller or air-less spray equipment
    • Waterproof
    • Resistant to standing water
    • Elastic, flexible and crack-bridging
    • High chemical resistance
    • Protects concrete against carbonation and rebar corrosion: Once hardened it is impermeable to water and carbon dioxide
    • Excellent mechanical and elastic properties (elongation, tensile and tear strength, abrasion)
    • Excellent adhesion on different substrates (concrete, steel).
    • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance
    • UV resistant
    • Thermoset – does not soften at elevated temperatures
    • 100% solids formulation, no risk for the environment and operative caused by solvent vapours 


    MasterSeal M 808_MS

    pdf (298.88 Kb)

    MasterSeal M 808_TDS

    pdf (575.39 Kb)


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