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    MasterSeal M 811 – Two component polyurea hybrid, pigmented, elastic, highly reactive, spray applied (machine application) waterproofing membrane with short curing time

    How does MasterSeal M 811 work?

    MasterSeal M 811 is a solvent free, two component polyurea hybrid waterproofing membrane. It is high reactive and needs to be applied by special, two component spray equipment (Mixing ratio 100 : 100 by volume).

    What are MasterSeal M 811 typical applications?

    MasterSeal M 811 is used in a wide range of waterproofing applications such as car park decks, podium decks, cut and cover tunneling, roofing and basement waterproofing. It is also used in some secondary containment applications.

    Using the appropriate primer, MasterSeal M 811 can be applied to most substrates including concrete, steel, bitumen cement screed, glass reinforced polyester, timber etc. 

    What are MasterSeal M 811 main benefits?

    • fast reacting
    • high build capability
    • application to vertical surface without runs
    • easy application to complicated details 
    • fast installation
    • monolithic – no laps, welds or seams
    • fully bonded
    • high water vapor permeability – low risk of blistering
    • excellent mechanical properties
    • excellent crack bridging
    • resistant to puncture
    • resistant to standing water
    • thermoset – does not soften at elevated temperatures
    • remains elastic at low temperatures; Tg approx. -45°C
    • solvent free
    • r​esistance to root penetration
    MasterSeal M 811 features high elasticity, excellent tensile strength and elongation and a good wear resistance. This highly reactive waterproofing membrane allows its installation on vertical surfaces without problem. Moreover, this fast-curing membrane can be re-coated within a few hours.


    Job References - MasterSeal M 811

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    MasterSeal M 811_TDS

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