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    Sikaflex® NP 472 (formerly known as MasterSeal® NP 472) - One part polyurethane based elastomeric joint sealant

    How does MasterSeal NP 472 work?

    MasterSeal NP 472 is a high performance one component, moisture curing, polyurethane construction sealant. In properly designed and constructed joints the product has been formulated to offer a non - slump elastomeric seal, which exhibits good skin formation time and a fast cure.

    What is MasterSeal NP 472 recommended for?

    MasterSeal NP 472 has been developed specifically for sealing dynamically moving joints such as expansion and control joints. MasterSeal NP 472 demonstrates high elasticity and recovery properties and therefore may be used to bond and seal most common building materials including concrete, glass, wood, stone, metal and anodised aluminium. In addition MasterSeal NP 472 has excellent tear resistance and good weathering characteristics.

    What are the benefits of MasterSeal NP 2?

    • Durable resilient seal
    • Non Staining
    • Primer Free (except M1 smooth mortar)
    • Demonstrates good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis
    • Different colours available


    Job References - MasterSeal NP 472

    pdf (398.86 Kb)

    MasterSeal NP 472_TDS

    pdf (270.04 Kb)

    MasterSeal Systems Engineered sealing and weatherproofing solutions

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