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    SikaRapid® AC 555 (formerly known as MasterSet® AC 555) - Set accelerating admixture for concrete

    How does MasterSet AC 555 work?

    MasterSet AC 555 is a ready to use liquid admixture formulated to accelerate setting time and to produce high early strength in special application concretes.

    What are the unique features of MasterSet AC 555?

    The compressive and the flexural strengths of concrete containing MasterSet AC 555 accelerating admixture will develop more rapidly compared to plain concrete. Benefits to concrete construction and to the manufacture of concrete products because of the increase in early strengths are as follows:

    • Earlier stripping and re-use of forms for walls and pre-cast work
    • Earlier structural use of concrete, as in lift-slab construction, tilt-up, paving and floors.
    • Earlier tensioning in post-tensioned concrete
    • Earlier de-tensioning in pre-stressed concrete
    • Potential energy savings in accelerated steam-cured applications (pre-stressed concrete)
    • Potential energy savings in accelerated steam-cured applications (pre-stressed/pre-cast) by reducing curing temperatures and/or the curing time necessary to reach the desired strengths.

    What is MasterSet AC 555 recommended for?

    • Precast concrete.
    • Pre-stressed concrete (either pre-tensioned or post-tensioned)
    • Concrete repairs where early service is required.
    • For addition to stabilised long haul concrete where MasterRoc HCA 10 is used.


    MasterSet AC 555_TDS

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