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    MasterTile FLX 24 - Deformable multi purpose tile adhesive for all ceramic coverings and substrates

    How does MasterTile FLX 24 work?

    MasterTile FLX 24 is a polymer modified pre-bagged single component cementitious tile adhesive requiring only the addition of water and mixing to make it ready for use. MasterTile FLX 24 has been carefully formulated to attain optimum non-sag properties, adjustability and open time of the applied product. The use of specialist polymers ensures that adequate adhesion is guaranteed even in difficult conditions such as under water. Once applied and cured MasterTile FLX 24 is resistant to service temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C.

    MasterTile FLX 24 meets the classification requirements C2TE S1 of EN 12004.

    What is MasterTile FLX 24 used for?

    MasterTile FLX 24 is a water resistant, multi-purpose product for use indoors and out, on both walls and floors.

    MasterTile FLX 24 adhesive can be used to fix all types of non-moisture sensitive natural stone. For moisture sensitive natural stone, please refer to the Master Builders Solutions Natural Stone Range of Products, or contact the Master Builders Solutions Technical Department.

    MasterTile FLX 24 is suitable for the following applications:

    • For laying non-vitrified tiles, vitrified tiles, fully vitrified tiles, porcelain mosaic, glass mosaic, glass tiles, brick tiles, terracotta, artificial and non-staining natural stones.
    • In swimming pools, pool surrounds, wet rooms and cold storage depots.
    • On cementitious screeds, ground anhydrite and/or gypsum based floated screeds, precast concrete elements, aerated concrete, heated screeds, plasterboards, gypsum fibre boards, dry screeds, insulation boards, plaster slabs, plaster, masonry, old ceramic tiles and even, sound wooden substrates such as wooden chipboards, OSB boards etc., cork rubber mats and on existing wall and floor tiles.
    • For laying ceramic on Master Builders Solutions​' bonded waterproofing product (e.g. private bathroom) and MasterSeal 588 (e.g. swimming pool and terraces).

    What are the benefits of MasterTile FLX 24?

    MasterTile FLX 24 can be used on the widest range of substrates.

    Due to its flexibility MasterTile FLX 24 greatly reduces the risk of adhesive failure between the tile and substrate caused by changes in temperature.

    Its non-sag properties negate the need for battens and spacers meaning quick and easy applications are possible.​


    Job References - MasterTile FLX 24

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    MasterTile FLX 24_TDS

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