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    MasterTile P 302 - Solvent-free modified resin dispersion wash primer / protective primer for walls and floor


    MasterTile P 302 is a multi-purpose, acrylic, moisture barrier/primer for use before tiling and application of Master Builders Solutions MasterTile WP 668. It protects thin bed mortars and levelling compounds from rapid absorption of water, increases open time, improves adhesion and prevents formation of shrinkage cracks. Its blue colour allows easier coverage control.  

    Where is MasterTile P 302 applied?

    • For indoor and outdoor use
    • For walls and floors
    • Acting as a moisture barrier and primer for plaster, plaster slabs, gypsum fibre boards, plaster boards, aerated concrete, concrete, asphalt, render and brickwork before tiling and wallpapering
    • Primer for anhydrite screeds and building boards
    • Primer for aerated concrete, sand-lime brick, brickwork and concrete on walls prior to the application of plaster and lime plastering
    • Primer for mastic asphalt screeds prior to the application of Master Builders Solutions tile adhesives
    • Priming prior to the application of selflevelling floor levellers, e.g. MasterTop 528 and other mortars and anhydrite screeds which set through hydration
    • Primer to strengthen mealy, absorbent screed surfaces and plasters indoors prior to the laying of tiles and mosaic
    • For priming absorbent substrates to protect subsequent materials from rapid dehydration

    What are the advantages of MasterTile P302?

    • Solvent-free, no damage to environment and operative by solvent vapours. No danger of fire or explosion. No harmful vapours.
    • Improves the strength and solidity of substrates and helps increase adhesion of tiles, plasters and wallpapers
    • Secure adhesion, Master Builders Solutions​ tile adhesives provide a good bond to MasterTile P 302
    • Protects thin-bed mortars and levelling compounds from too rapid dehydration, extends the open time, improves adhesion and prevents formation of cracks caused by shrinkage
    • Prevents formation of air bubbles and too rapid dehydration when levelling floors with MasterTop 528 or MasterTop 538
    • Complies with the guidelines issued by the German Gypsum Industry Association and the recommendation DIN 18157-1


    Job References - MasterTile P 302

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    MasterTile P 302_TDS

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